About Timothy A. Kelly


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Timothy A. Kelly currently serves as Director of Behavioral Health Services and Clinical Psychologist for Shanghai DeltaWest Clinic. A licensed clinical psychologist since 1990, he provides expert clinical care for adults, adolescents and couples struggling with emotional disorders. He specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychodynamic Therapy, and Imago Couples' Therapy. Dr. Kelly served as commissioner (CEO) for Virginia's department of mental health from 1994-1997. From 1998-2002 he opened and directed a mental health clinic in the Washington, D.C. area. He served as director of clinical training at an APA-accredited doctoral psychology university program from 2002-2007.


An expert in graduate-level psychology teaching and training for mental health professionals, Dr. Kelly has served on the psychology faculties of several major universities, including Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and the American University in Washington, D.C.  From 2002-2010 he served as Associate Professor of Psychology at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California.  Dr. Kelly currently collaborates with graduate psychology faculties both in China and in the US.  He teaches and trains graduate students in the area of clinical psychology, psychotherapy and mental health reform.

Research and Writing

Dr. Kelly is interested in mental health treatment outcome research (what works and why) and is an expert in mental health policy who speaks, writes and consults on how to achieve recovery-oriented mental health system reform. He is the author of "Healing the Broken Mind: Transforming America's Failed Mental Health System," published by NYU Press in 2009. The book promotes recovery for persons struggling with mental illness and details what is needed in order to help them recover so as to reclaim their place in the home community. It has impacted US federal and state policy, and has application to China's mental health policy as well.


Other research interests include the healing power of music. Dr. Kelly has collaborated with Ms. Ma Xiaohui, China's premier erhu virtuoso, in developing a lecture-concert on the subject of "music healing the soul."

Leadership Development

As a trained leadership consultant, Dr. Kelly offers organizational analysis and improvement strategies based on a survey of those in leadership positions using the Connective Leadership Institute’s Achieving Styles Inventory. He has worked with both private and public sector organizations to sharpen executive functioning, raise constituent/customer satisfaction, and improve public relations.

Public Policy Consultant

As mental health policy expert Dr. Kelly speaks, writes and consults on how to achieve recovery-oriented mental health system reform.


As director of the DePree Public Policy Institute, Dr. Kelly developed the concept of "principled centrism" – an alternative to polarizing extremism that has proven useful to local government and business leaders for problem solving.