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Kelly, T.A. (2013). Evidence-Based Practice & Outcome Measurement: The Path to Recovery, in Mental Health Care Issues in America: An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO.

Kelly, T.A. (2011). Federal, State and Local Directions for Mental Health and Behavioral Health Transformation. In J.L. Magnabosco & R. Manderscheid (Eds.). Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services: Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods, Second Ed. (Ch. 9). Washington: NASW Press.

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Kelly, T.A., & Seay, D. (1999). The National Gambling Impact Study Commission: Final Report. Washington: Government Printing Office.


National TV

Interview with Dr. Tim Kelly and John Pappas on Internet Gambling Legislation. MSNBC Morning Show "The Place for Politics," hosted by Alex Witt. Aired July 31, 2010. Watch ›› 

Interview with Dr. Tim Kelly on Internet Gambling Legislation. CNBC "On the Money" program, hosted by Dylan Ratigan. Aired October 2, 2006. 


National Radio

Evidence Based Mental Health Treatment: How the Mental Health System can be Reformed. National Public Radio Minnesota (KNOW) 30-minute interview based on Dr. Kelly's book, hosted by Kerri Miller. Aired March 4, 2010.
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Healing the Broken Mind, Transforming America's Failed Mental Health System. National Public Radio Illinois (willam580) 50-minute interview based on Dr. Kelly's book of same title, hosted by David Inge. Aired Nov 5, 2009.
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After Chengdu Quake, Mental Health Still an Issue. National Public Radio 6-minute interview on psychological needs of China earthquake victims, hosted by Melissa Bloch. Aired July 29, 2008.
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